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Description: SuperReading is a comprehensive course which provides the tools for absorbing and retaining large amounts of information in less time. Work-related materials may be read in class.
Delegates experience a steady improvement in their reading and learning abilities. Testing provides measurable proof of the upward trend of their scores. Graduates agree that reading is more enjoyable, as well as more efficient with these powerful, yet easy-to-learn techniques. Includes powerful memory techniques. Guaranteed to at least double incoming abilities.

SuperReading is NOT SPEED READING.

Research shows us that skills like these, though simple to understand, take time to embody and use consistently. Most people who attend a one day workshop rarely use the skills they’ve learned. Those who do only use them to about 20% of their potential. We STAY WITH YOU long enough to ensure that YOU’VE GOT IT. And we do that for less money than the one-day workshops.

SuperReading is a sensible, practical program that is EASY TO LEARN and shows QUICK RESULTS. There’s a complete testing package so you always know where you stand. Included is The SuperMemory Module for when you need to recall items in order. We teach a whole strategy for recalling facts and information that learning easy, fast and FUN! Also, you get The Rep Test. This five-minute exercise tells you what kind of learner you are (Visual, Auditory, or Kinaesthetic; or combination) AND comes with a training package to improve all of those areas.

We focus mostly on Comprehension and Accuracy. The speed is there, but what good is speed if you don't recall what you read?

QUESTION: Did you ever get to the end of reading something, and discover that you remember almost nothing of what you just read?! With SuperReading, after the first couple of days, that will virtually never happen again. What is that, alone, worth to you?

We Guarantee you will at least double your present abilities. Most people see a three to five fold increase in six to eight weeks.

Who would benefit?
Business professionals (Managers, Engineers, Scientists, Admins), Government Employees, Salesmen, Students, Entrepreneurs who read at least 4 hours per week (emails, memos, reports, journals, correspondence, classes). Allows more time for starting (and finishing) projects.

Course Length: 4 or 6 classes that meet once a fortnight. The classes are 3 hours in length. Class time can be reduced with less time to practise.


“The course offered a disciplined and systematic approach to improving my reading rate and comprehension- presented in a fun and non-intimidating environment. A great skills building and team building exercise! Thanks Ron!”
Bob M, Advisory Support Engineer,
Apple Computer, Inc.
Reading Effectiveness increased from 39 to 655

“Prior to taking this course, reading was a chore and tiring. I would read material and get sleepy. Since I took the course, my reading speed has tripled and I don't get as tired. I found the memorization module very useful.”
-Mike A., Application Engineering Manager, Hewlett-Packard

Reading Effectiveness increased from 72 to 555

“I am the Senior Engineer of Apple Computer’s Global Response Team. We are responsible for solving the problems of Apple end-users all over the world. The SuperReading course has helped us to more than quadruple our productivity.
Each team member has cut, on average, twenty-eight hours of work down to five.
Furthermore, we have seen an improvement in the quality of our responses. Previously, we received numerous e-mails from customers complaining that we did not answer the question they had asked. We were misreading their questions. As a result of our higher comprehension, we’ve measured a drop in complaints of 85%.

David Lake, Senior Engineer, Apple Computer Global Response Team