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SuperReadingTM  for Law


We understand that law-related reading requires high accuracy and recall of detail. There is no room for errors, which could prove costly. SuperReading helps you to read large quantities of material with high focus, understanding and accuracy. Our unique memory techniques foster superior memorization skills.
Most readers save a minimum of 20% of their reading time.

Classes are available in the London area and elsewhere in the UK and Europe. You can save at least 20% on your fixed fee work by implementing the SuperReading Programme.

We can provide a no-charge Reading Clinic to determine present reading levels, or simply start the program. The Return on Investment is usually 20:1 or greater. This takes into account your attorney’s time for class and practice.

The savings are then ongoing, as their skills increase over time and are then maintained indefinitely. For fixed-fee cases, this is a practical way to increase profitability.

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Law firm charges £500 per hour.
A contract calls for 2000 hours.
Value of contract = £1,000,000.

A 20% cost savings equals £200,000.

12 hours training for 20 lawyers = 240 hours
240 hours costs the firm £120,000.
The training costs £6000.
Non-job-related practice time equals 6 hours per lawyer,
equalling 120 hours, or £60,000.

Total costs = £186,000
Net new profit on Contract One = £14,000

Net new profit on Contracts Two+ = £200,000 (20%)

(over time the profit can grow as the skills grow)
After a couple of months, most attorneys should see a time savings of between one and two days per week.
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Here are the steps:
Contact Alchemy Training for a Reading Clinic, Program or to ask questions.
1. Agree on a date to start.
2. Notify your people.
3. Evaluate their reading and recall skills.
4. Follow the course.
5. Reevaluate their reading and recall skills.
6. Pay for the course.


“I can offer some insight into the use of SuperReading from the law perspective. I found it very useful for litigation type work. This involves reading through many cases (possibly hundreds) looking for quick insights. In general, cases are arranged in such a manner where there is a very useful indexing system which guides you to the key points. I would find if the case was relevant by quickly reading this key point list. Then if the case was on point, I would quickly read the facts and then just the legal analysis for the point I was interested in.
In general I find that I can do "litigation" research much faster than anyone else I know. When I did due-diligence, I would use the techniques to fly through most documents and then I would take more time on portions that I thought might be relevant.”
Dan Stellenberg, Altera Corporation

“I’m finding the day-to-day memory techniques very useful. Before I struggled with retention- this has been very helpful. I’ve also noticed less drifting off when I read. My comprehension is higher and my speed has increased as well.”

- K. C.  SJ Berwin

“I find the techniques are always helpful. They stop my mind from drifting. I used to have to pay attention to each word separately. Now I’m reading faster and my comprehension is definitely better. I’m finding the previewing very helpful- I’m able to take it all in much better. I’m also finding that reading large documents is more enjoyable; I don’t dread it like I used to. I find I’m getting to the important points much quicker now. Thank you.”

- N. J.   SJ Berwin