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“I am the Senior Engineer of Apple Computer’s Global Response Team. We are responsible for solving the problems of Apple end-users all over the world. The SuperReading course has helped us to more than quadruple our productivity.
       When we come into work on Monday morning, we begin the task of sorting through thousands of E-mails. We need to understand the problem and group the e-mails according to the appropriate answers. Until the SuperReading course, this process was not completed until Thursday afternoon, when we would send out our grouped responses. Now, with our higher comprehension and speed, we are processing the E-mails so quickly that our responses are going out Monday afternoon! Each team member has cut, on average, twenty-eight hours of work down to five.
       Furthermore, we have seen an improvement in the quality of our responses. Previously, we received numerous E-mails from our customers complaining that we did not answer the question they had asked. We were misreading their questions. As a result of our higher comprehension, we’ve measured a drop in complaints of 85%
       Thank you for offering such a useful tool which has made our jobs so much more fulfilling. I’m sure our customers appreciate it as well."
       David Lake, Senior Engineer, Apple Computer Global Response Team

“Previewing is brilliant for study and text books. Novel Previewing did not ruin the ‘story’ for me in novels- it made it more alive. I can’t believe this actually works! Definitely makes me want to continue practising to improve further.”
Andrew Dangerfield, Head of Policy and Service Development, NHS Leeds
Beginning RE Scores: 144 / 175
One Month RE Scores: 141 / 348

I was a very slow reader and my mind wandered during reading. Now I enjoy reading more than ever. It was good taking the tests during the course to see my improvement. I’ve learned that if you believe in yourself, you can do it! These skills will allow me to use this extra new time I have for getting other things done. At first, I didn’t think this would really help, but I am now a true believer.
Rick Hilovsky     Senior Staff SVG Engineer     Xilinx, Inc.    
Reading Effectiveness went from 75 to 315

The skills learned in this class have helped me focus better when reading. I feel more alert when reading and am gathering more information.
Dan Chan     Product Applications Manager     Xilinx, Inc.
Reading Effectiveness went from 69 to 727

Reading before the SuperReading class was not an enjoyable experience. My mind would wander and I would find after reading the same paragraph, even the same sentence, over and over, I still didn’t know what it was I had read.
     Reading material was piling higher and higher. In my field, technology changes daily and the need to keep current is a necessity. Now with the tools I have acquired through this class, reading is no longer a “chore.” I remember what I read and can even recall what I read days and even weeks later.
     It really works.
Liz Abe-Meredith     Staff Analyst – Webmaster     Xilinx, Inc.
Reading Effectiveness went from 52 to 353

“Last semester I did a good job in reading the required material for Criminal Law and Torts, even when it took me a lot of time to do it. I totally gave up on reading for contracts because the R2d material was too boring. I only read 89 pages for the entire semester. 
     After taking the SuperReading Class for 5 weeks I decided I was going to readR2d #2 using three techniques that I learned in this class. To my surprise I was able to read R2d #2 and half of #3 in one week, reading 6 to 7 hours in a day.”
     After talking with other students in the school I realized I was one of only a few who actually finished all the reading. The other great thing is that I have been able to spend quality time with my two children. Before, whenever I took them to the park, for instance, they would play and I would read. Now I have the time to really play with them and give them the attention they deserve. Thank you.
Ana G. Villarreal, Law Student      
Reading Effectiveness went from 43/70 to 114/133

I've been a poor reader all of my life. It has always been difficult for me to focus and maintain concentration while reading. I've always had to read, re-read, and re-read again just to get the meaning for the first time. I experienced immediate results from day one in this course. My initial RE score was so low it may as well have been zero. I enjoy reading now and get a great deal out of it on the first read. It's awesome! Thanks Ron!
Greg Smith   Test Engineer, IBM
Day 1 RE score: 29
Day 35 RE score: 275

Dear Readers!
     Before I started my SuperReading course, I could read fairly quickly but my comprehension was rubbish. I would read a document, then have to re-read it as I would be like, “What did I just read?” I am sure you have all done this many times and it can be quite frustrating.
     Since I have been doing SuperReading the skills I have learnt and the practice I have put in at home with the Eye-Hop exercises and reading the manual have helped me considerably. My colleagues at work have even noticed that I can read faster than them and I have captured the content I have read first time round.
     The best tool for me is the Memory Room. I can use this tool with everyday things that I need to remember. Also, the Previewing technique is fab for getting the content of material before you read the material fully.
     I think Ron is a very enthusiastic teacher and puts a lot of energy into his classes which makes it easy learning. The manual has plenty of tips and exercises you can practice, as well as useful web sites. The handouts are very stimulating and get you focused on the task. The exams are interesting topics to read and the questions are not too demanding.
      SuperReading will be a fantastic tool for when I start my CIPP next year. When reading law policies for our people, I will feel confident that I have comprehended what I am reading and will have read.
     Directors would benefit from this course as they will learn to read quickly through their E-mails, presentations and documents.

Gloria Graham, Personnel Administrator, Tesco Stores Ltd.


Comments about SuperReading


“I have noticed that whenever one of our professors asks a question, it’s almost always someone from the SuperReading course who answers it. Also, they answer with more confidence than the other students, and remember more of the information.”
- Vanessa Crook, First Year Student, City University Law School
             Week 5 of the SuperReading Course

Dear Mr. Cole,
     I am writing this letter to thank you for helping my son Chris. He is in 6th
 grade, and ever since 1st grade he has had major problems with his reading abilities. He has been to see every reading and learning expert associated with the San Jose School System. Nothing has ever made much of a difference. This has really held back his learning. He has just barely made it through each grade level, and always at the bottom of his class. I have come to dread going to parent’s night to get his report. 
     In the last few weeks this has all changed. The teachers cannot believe the difference in his work. He is understanding and remembering what he reads. They say he is smiling when he reads and understands more than most of the other children. They feel the only thing holding back his reading now is his poor vocabulary from being such a poor reader all these years. However, with the vocabulary building program you have provided, I believe there is already a positive difference there too. I know I must be patient. He is learning his words at an impressive rate, and I see it is only a matter of time before he catches up there as well.
     As a mother, it is not easy to see your child failing in his education. I am so grateful for your help to Chris. You have given me hope and given him the ability to read well and to believe in himself. Bless you.
Mrs. Marjorie Jackson (Chris’ Mom)

Dear Mr. Cole,
     I am writing to thank you for taking my daughter into your Super Reading course. She was by far the slowest reader in her class. She would barely be halfway through material when the other children had already finished. On top of that, her comprehension was abysmal.
     I was about to spend nearly $5,000 on testing to determine whether she had some type of learning disorder. A friend suggested calling you first. I am so glad I took that advice. After three weeks in your course she was the best reader in her class. By the sixth Super Reading class she was the best reader in her school. By far!
     It was gratifying to find out there was nothing wrong with my daughter. All she needed was the right techniques and teacher. What a bargain your course turned out to be! Thank you again for this small miracle.
-Dr. E. Menkin



     “I so wish I had access to this course during my English degree. The tools like the memory room, speed reading and scanning would have been most welcome. 
     However, I’m equally pleased to have obtained these skills at this stage of my MA in Creative Writing. I will take away the skills and keep working on them.
     Before the course I
 did not believe that I would be able to improve on my reading and memory due to my dyslexia. However, in a very short period of time my ability to speed read and recall what I have read has improved greatly. 
     Thanks Ron for bringing your skill and humour to Chichester University.
Best wishes, Glenn”
Glenn Stevens, University of Chichester, BA/MA 12/5/09

     I am dyslexic and began this class reading at approximately 154 words per minute with 60% comprehension. (It took 2:36 to read a 400 word article.) …I always had to read sentences over and over to get the meaning… By the end of the sixth session I was reading 1,846 wpm with 100% comprehension. (It took 13 seconds to read a 400 word article.) I would recommend this course to anyone trying to improve their reading speed along with comprehension. The things I found most valuable were the eye exercises and the testing where one was able to see positive results instantly. 
-Nancy F., Administrative Assistant, Legal Dept., HP  R.E. went from 92 to 1846

     I started this course being a very slow reader; so slow it was excruciating. I’d read the same line over and over, I’d lose my place on a page, and my mind would wander. 
     The techniques I have learned on this course have helped me tackle all these problems, and now I feel I have learnt skills that will go with me to help me with my dissertation and on to my career as a teacher. Thanks.
 Keith Cockerton, London South Bank University, Student

    From the first week I knew the SuperReading course would be of great value to me! I now know I have never been taught to read properly. As reading has not been my strong point, over the course I have gained confidence and understand how to get the most out of reading.
 I now view reading as fun and interesting. I have a whole library I look forward to going through. Thanks Ron, it’s been a blast!
Yours sincerely,
-John Tuitt, London South Bank University, Student




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To whom it may concern,

I am Dr Ross Cooper. I have 32 years of teaching experience in schools, colleges and universities. I have spent the last 8 years at London South Bank University involved in teacher training and as Course Director of our MA in Adult Dyslexia Diagnosis and Support.

I was invited, as an independent “expert”, to evaluate SuperReading in January 2008.

Claims were made of the reading effectiveness (measured by speed x comprehension) doubling in 10 weeks. This seemed highly unlikely to me. We ran pilot research involving 15 dyslexic adults. As a dyslexic academic, I also participated on the course. I was extremely surprised to find that our reading effectiveness did double. My own productivity as a result of SuperReading increased dramatically. We used a number of standard tests before and after the course, and standardised scores on TOWRE, in particular, increased significantly.

As a result of this, I asked for coaching from Ron Cole to become a SuperReading coach myself. The results of my own SuperReading students matched Ron’s. I have since enabled others to become SuperReading coaches, and their results matched ours. We have results now from 75 dyslexic students, and the results are growing stronger. We have run courses in several universities, including Cambridge, Essex, Kent, London South Bank and Leeds Metropolitan. Every university has asked for more courses. We are planning courses in Canterbury Christchurch, Liverpool, LSE, Plymouth, Royal Holloway and University of the Arts.

Although I have been teaching teachers to provide support to dyslexic students for 14 years, I have never known an intervention to have such a dramatic impact. The mean increase in standardised scores is 1.7 standard deviations (25.6 standardised points). Unsurprisingly, given this progress, the statistical significance is extremely high (p<10,000 million).

I have now standardised the reading tests used on the course and can compare dyslexic scores with those of non-dyslexic readers (n=229). As would be expected, before the course, dyslexic scores are low. However, after the course, 70% of the dyslexic readers are above the mean and 44% achieve ‘above average’ scores 22% achieve very high standardised scores (above 130) and 12% are above 145.

Student Finance England have been so impressed by the results that in consultation with PATOSS and ADSHE, they changed their guidance which now explicitly states that DSA funds can be used for group support for ‘speed reading’. (However, if should be noted that SuperReading has a greater focus on comprehension than ‘speed reading’ courses).

I am no longer an independent researcher, but an enthusiastic practitioner and promoter of SuperReading. I believe that it will transform the educational possibilities for dyslexic learners.

Dr Ross Cooper, BA (hons), PGCE, PgDip ADDS, APC, PhD

_          _          _          _          _          _          _          _

NB:  These were Dr Cooper’s findings in 2008. Now it’s 2019 and SuperReading has been taught in more than 22 UK universities, and The University of Milan in Italy have been so impressed they have translated the entire program into Italian. They have conducted tests unavailable in 2008 (such as heat mapping the eyes) and the more they do, the more impressed they are. There has never been any test, measurement, procedure or technology that has not further endorsed SuperReading. The deeper they look, the better it looks.

Despite that, in 2014 the DSA changed their rules about eligibility, requiring medical necessity as the primary reason, effectively disqualifying SuperReading from funding. Before they averaged a spend of £1,500 per student for dyslexic tutoring. SuperReading cost them £325 and delivered measurable results. One-fifth the cost with five times the results and hundreds of positive testimonials (no negatives). One would think that would suffice to continue funding.

It did not! They will still pay for individuals, though the classes worked well because they could see progress in others if there was a low week for them as individuals. Sometimes during a course the scores fluctuate as they push themselves. It’s comforting to see others experience the same and have their peers there to encourage them.  

Ron Cole