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SuperReading has been working minor miracles for students since 1995. Students can get the top grades in school subjects (other than maths) within 2 months and cut study time 25% to 60%.

This is because of the following benefits:
1. Reading is more focused
2. Reading becomes faster
3. Reading is more accurate
4. Comprehension improves and is always controlled
5. Memory is greatly improved
6. Study techniques are powerful and less stressful
7. Memory techniques are fun, powerful and long lasting

Parents and students agree that with great skills comes the willingness to study. Let’s face it, nobody likes to do things that are torturous. Imagine getting homework done and reading accomplished in less time with better results. There’s nothing to argue over! It doesn’t take ages and it’s more fun.

THAT is what SuperReading and the SuperMemory Programs are all about: Making great grades easy. Now BOTH Programs are included in one low price, including Email support and all the lessons from the classes.

Our special price: £80

SuperReading Comments

“It’s not often that you come across a course that changes your life, but Super Reading has certainly changed mine for the better. It has saved me a day a week at work, and led to a huge increase in my reading for pleasure.”

“When we piloted Super Reading with a group of dyslexic students at London Southbank University, their reading effectiveness more than doubled in 10 weeks. I have known nothing like it. I have always advocated individual support for dyslexic students, but this impact was achieved in a group of 15. Just imagine how much better their university learning experience would have been had they completed the course before starting their studies.”

Dr. Ross Cooper London South Bank University

Dear Mr. Cole,
I am writing this letter to thank you for helping my son Chris. He is in 6th grade, and ever since 1st grade he has had major problems with his reading abilities. He has been to see every reading and learning expert associated with the San Jose School System. Nothing has ever made much of a difference. This has really held back his learning. He has just barely made it through each grade level, and always at the bottom of his class. I have come to dread going to parent’s night to get his report.
In the last few weeks this has all changed. The teachers cannot believe the difference in his work. He is understanding and remembering what he reads. They say he is smiling when he reads and understands more than most of the other children. They feel the only thing holding back his reading now is his poor vocabulary from being such a poor reader all these years. However, with the vocabulary building program you have provided, I believe there is already a positive difference there too. I know I must be patient. He is learning his words at an impressive rate, and I see it is only a matter of time before he catches up there as well.
As a mother, it is not easy to see your child failing in his education. I am so grateful for your help to Chris. You have given me hope and given him the ability to read well and to believe in himself. Bless you.
Mrs. Marjorie Jackson (Chris’ Mom)

SuperReading Comments

Dear Mr. Cole and anyone else,
“I think your course was wonderful !!!!! I am really glad I went. My RE score went up basically 6x. The cool thing is though that along with my speed I can actually understand what I am reading. Also, I like how it wasn't just all reading and that we got other tools as well!!!!!! If you or anyone else is thinking about taking this course I personally say "GO!!!!"
A.C.  Year 6    R.E. went from 89 to 625

Dear Mr. Cole,
I am writing to thank you for taking my daughter into your Super Reading course. She was by far the slowest reader in her class. She would barely be halfway through material when the other children had already finished. On top of that, her comprehension was abysmal.
I was about to spend nearly $5,000 on testing to determine whether she had some type of learning disorder. A friend suggested calling you first. I am so glad I took that advice. After three weeks in your course she was the best reader in her class. By the sixth Super Reading class she was the best reader in her school. By far!
It was gratifying to find out there was nothing wrong with my daughter. All she needed was the right techniques and teacher. What a bargain your course turned out to be! Thank you again for this small miracle.
-Dr. E. Menkin