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Purchase SuperReading and receive
A complete online course with:
  • The SuperReading Program
  • The SuperMemory Program
  • The Study Skills Set
  • Full support via Email or phone
  • Any updates or improvements

You are guaranteed to at least double your reading skills in 10 weeks, or
we’ll refund your purchase.

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The SuperReading Program

Receive all the SuperReading tools, techniques and Eye-Hop excercises.
Increase comprehension, focus, recall, accuracy and speed.

The SuperMemory Program

Easily remember lists, facts, names, processes, speeches, shopping lists, numbers and more.

The SuperStudy Program

Stress-free study methods, techniques and strategies, including Mapping and Spaced Repetition.

Access to our “Hopify” web app

Quickly convert any editable text into the Eye-Hop format.

Help with certain visual problems

We help you identify and “fix” certain issues that can hold back effective reading, like Eye-dominance.