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SuperReading for Schools

Winner 2021 - Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards, Assistive Technology Implementation of the Year

Don’t leave your school ranking to luck or chance. Ensure you’re at the top of the league tables. You can stop stressing over poor academics. Problem solved. Teachers will be turned on.

You’re under constant pressure for your students to perform. In a few months that pressure will be gone. Your worst cases will outperform most students at other schools. Your school will always be at the top of tables.

Your teachers will be excited about teaching again; in fact, more than ever. In one semester you will have what most would consider a group of handpicked students to make you look good.

It hardly takes any time to infuse the SuperReading program into your school. A tool can be taught in 3 minutes or less. We suggest the teachers take the course first, to build their confidence and excitement.

Parents will never stop thanking you. Your career opportunities will multiply. The overall quality of your life will improve. You will fulfil the reason you went into education in the first place.


To be a headmaster means you have been in education for a few years. You have likely seen many teachers, students, parents and programs come and go. You’ve probably seen a wide spectrum of all the above groups: teachers who were dedicated and others less so; students who were so bright and eager, with others less so; parents who were involved and cared and some less so; programs that helped and others less so. In however many years you have been in education you have never seen a program that delivers what SuperReading Eye-Hop does. All the others are less so.


We ask our children to learn more and more each year. Some students make learning look easy while others struggle and get dragged down by the process. SuperReading Eye-Hop allow about 98% of students to excel beyond anything you’ve experienced. This simple combination of tools, strategies and exercises allows all students to become far better learners than they ever could by any other means. Our dyslexic graduates outperform their non-dyslexic classmates.


Make no mistake - the SuperReading Eye-Hop Program will change education forever. There is nothing else remotely like it that consistently delivers such impressive results. Whether you embrace this program now or in three years’ time only makes a difference to the students, parents and teachers in your care now. There is one other difference - and that is for your career. The headmasters who bring this program to their schools now will be seen as visionaries. Those who wait will be seen as laggards and will have to answer to parents who realise their child could have had these abilities sooner. That is human nature and there’s nothing we at SuperReading can do about that except point it out.

Easy, cheap, demand

SuperReading Eye-Hop is easy to learn, teach and implement. It is not expensive, and parents will gladly pay our modest fee, especially since they do not pay until their child has at least doubled their present skills. This program levels the playing field for virtually all students. That also means that once some students and schools have it, most all parents and schools will want it. Nobody will willingly stay at a disadvantage for such a reasonable fee.

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Ask yourself why you went into education for your career. What did you hope to achieve? How did you want to help? Did you want to make a difference? If you can still remember that, then this is your wake-up call. Those goals and aspirations are here in quantities you could not imagine when you started. If you have become jaded by the system, or its all become routine with nothing truly spectacular happening, then take heart. Those days are passing. The future we all hoped for is here now. It’s called SuperReading Eye-Hop and there are no barriers to living that dream save those we make. In a matter of weeks your school can be transformed.

Together we can create excited teachers, happy students and appreciative parents. I once got an important message: “No Guts, No Glory.” This doesn’t even take guts! Contact us now.